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Illness Absence Periods

IllnessAbsence Period
Chicken PoxUntil rash has crusted (6 - 7 days)
ColdUntil better
Diarrhoea/SicknessUntil 48 hours after symptoms have stopped
German MeaslesUntil 5 days after onset of rash
Glandular FeverDuring acute stage of illness
Headlice/ringwormUntil treatment started
InfluenzaUntil symptoms have stopped
Impetigo/Cold SoresUntil lesions have healed
MeaslesUntil better, at least 7 days from onset of rash
MeningitisUntil better
MumpsUntil 7 days after swelling becomes evident
ScabiesUntil symptoms have gone
Scarlet FeverUntil 5 days after start of treatment by a GP
Sore throat (bacterial)Until 5 days after antibiotics started
Whooping coughUntil 5 days after antibiotics started
Yellow Jaundice (Infectious Hepatitis)For 4 weeks